Dillon's Barbeque Sweet Tea Recipe 

step 1. Make Syrup 
 Boil 1gal water. Remove from heat.
 Dissolve completely 4lbs sugar into the water.
 Stir till sugar is completely dissolved. This is now called "syrup". 

Place into the still hot syrup 3oz. of tea bags
(tea bags vary in size, at the restaurant we use big 1oz size bags - yours may be smaller, or larger)

Cover and let steep overnight. Remove tea bags from syrup. 

Mix syrup with water and ice, to taste.
We add 2 more gallons of water to ours, to make a batch. You can just keep the syrup in the fridge and mix when you need, to save space. 

You can reduce this recipe using math. The main thing to remember is Be Sure the sugar is Completely Dissolved in hot water before adding the tea bags. Happy Tea Drinkin'!