FAQs about CATERING, and other stuff

1.Dillon's BY THE POUND for my Party! How much do I need?
answer - Number of people Divide by 3. Equals how many pounds you need. We figure a third of a pound per person, which make two small or one large sandwich per person, as an approximation. Usually works out good. Comes with sauce.

2 What about SIDES for my Party? 
answer - Number of people, divide by 3, equals PINTS. There are about three servings in a pint. 

3. Do SIDES come in GALLONS?
answer - Yes. There are about 30 servings in a GALLON.  Cole slaw goes a little farther.

4. How much ADVANCE NOTICE do I need to give you?
answer - Orders  may require advance notice. We produce small batches, we sometimes sell out of an item (or items) quickly, so there may be days when we do not have a pint of this or a pound of that to sell to you.  We will always try to accommodate. As a rule, the bigger the order, the earlier you should call. 

5. Do you CATER?
answer - If you mean bring it and set up tables and serve it, then no.  If you mean have 1 to 50 pounds of Pulled Pork HOT or COLD, ready for you to pick up at a certain time on a certain date, then yes.